Criteria of paper selection

The articles that tackle the following issues can be accepted for consideration and further double-blind (anonymous) publishing in the scholarly journal «Ukrainian sense / Український смисл»:

  • Lexical and grammar aspects of a language.
  • Cognitive and communicative-pragmatic aspects of linguistics.
  • Linguistic of a text. Language of modern mass media and the Internet.
  • Translation studies and linguo-didactics: theory and practice.
  • Idiostyle of a writer and poetics of a text.
  • Interpretation and reception of literary texts.
  • Aesthetics of literature and literary works.
  • Ukrainian literature in the context of the world literature.
  • Methods for teaching disciplines related to linguistics and literature studies.


Papers must be written in English or Ukrainian in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 editor and comply with the requirements of the Editorial Board of the journal «Ukrainian sense / Український смисл». 

The manuscript that does not fit the scope of the journal or does not meet the requirements of the Editorial Board can be rejected at once by the Executive Editor.