Усне та писемне мовлення студентів-аграріїв

  • L. Babay


У статті проаналізовано сучасний стан дотримання норм культури усного та писемного мовлення студентами-аграріями одного з вишів України. Окреслено деякі шляхи підвищення мовленнєвої культури серед студентів нефілологічних спеціальностей. Ключові слова: мовна норма, суржик, акцентуаційні норми, лексичні норми, граматичні норми, стилістичні норми.   В статье проанализированы случаи соблюдения норм культуры устной и письменной речи студентами-аграриями одного из вузов Украины. Намечены некоторые направления повышения речевой культуры среди студентов нефилологических специальностей. Ключевые слова: языковая норма, суржик, акцентологические нормы, лексические нормы, грамматические нормы, стилистические нормы.   The knowledge of the mother tongue is of great importance especially today when there is a reappraisal of values in our society and national consciousness is on the rise. There is an objective need to create and implement  new professional business communication into language education. Nowadays linguists are working hard to improve speech culture of the society and students that are no linguists. It determines the relevance of this scientific investigation. This article intends to analyze the current state of following the standards of speaking and writing communication of no linguist students on the basis of lexical, grammatical, stylistic and pronouncing levels and determine ways to improve speech culture of students of technical universities. The main task is to present the linguistic analysis of speaking skills (practical training course «Ukrainian for Professional Purposes») and writing skills (term papers and dissertations) of future specialists in agriculture and recommendations for improvement of professional communication within future profession. One of the most important problems of teaching the course «Ukrainian  for Professional Purposes» in higher school is the improvement of speech culture. Therefore, the main task of speech culture is to gain educational skills of        communication, propaganda and mastering the literary standards of the language, correct grammar structures, in pronunciation and stress ,the ability to ignore colloquial language. The task of higher school linguists is to teach students communicational skills, speech accuracy and standards, draw their attention to the culture of the language and culture of speech. Key words: language norm, surzhik, accentological rules, lexical rules, grammar rules, stylistic norms.


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