Граматична метафора у прозі Ліни Костенко

  • M. Kovalchuk


Проаналізовано метафоричні конструкції в романі Ліни Костенко «Записки українського самашедшого», визначено їхнє семантичне наповнення, простежено процес граматичної метафоризації окремих структур. Ключові слова: метафора, граматична метафора, лексико-граматична метафора, метафоризація.                     Проанализированы метафорические конструкции в романе Лины Костенко «Записки украинского самашедшого», выявлено их семантическое наполнение, рассмотрен процесс грамматической метафоризации отдельных структур.                                                    Ключевые слова: метафора, грамматическая метафора, лексико-грамматическая метафора, метафоризация.   A metaphor is a productive representative of the verbal wordview rendering from the perspective of each author’s consciousness. The metaphor absorbs the characteristics of the author’s individual style and shows a way of expression of thoughts and associative formation of ideas. The literary novelty of Lina Kostenko’s work named «The notes of the Ukrainian madman», originality and a bright author’s position which is artistically expressed in the novel by means of appropriate metaphors, make the research work topical. The purpose of this research work determines the following tasks: examine the meaningful relations between the metaphors of various theme-based group of words ans expressions; create an entire worldview perception of the author in terms of the social awareness of the narrator; reveal the expressive function of metaphors as a way of rendereng the reaction of the main character towards the events described in the novel. According to the researchers, metaphors appear almost everywhere as a means of charectirization for some objects or phenomena in order to reveal or emphasize their static or dynamic qualities, that is why the semantic structure of a metaphor is always complicated because it associates at least two units – the main one (referent) and the auxiliary one (correlate). A metaphor, therefore, can be complicated by means of several associations between the language units. The metaphors in Lina Kostenko’s novel create an image-semantic complex the elements of which express their owm meaningful potential according to the individual conceptualization. The lexico-semantic structure of the metaphors evidences the high level of artistic and imaginative thinking of the author as well as it reflects the connection of her individual style with the popular poetic traditions. There are a lot of individualized author’s metaphors which show an artistic transformation of Lina Kostenko’s poetic images, that is why the mentioned above associative relations can be studied more thoroughly to carry out further researches.         Key words: metaphor, qrammatical metaphor, lexico-qrammatical    metaphor,     metaphorization.


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