Лексичні засоби мовної експресії в романі Андрія Кокотюхи "Таємне джерело"

  • N. Mayboroda


У статті проаналізовано лексичні засоби мовної експресії в романі Андрія Кокотюхи «Таємне джерело». Визначено характерні особливості цих засобів та їхню роль у розкритті авторського задуму. Ключові слова: засоби мовної експресії, категорія експресивності, емоційно забарвлена лексика, прагматичний аспект.   В статье рассматриваются лексические средства языковой экспрессии в  романе Андрея Кокотюхи «Таинственный источник». Определяются характерные особенности этих средств и их роль в раскрытии авторского звмысла. Ключевые слова: средства языковой экспрессии, категория экспрессивности, экспрессивно окрашенная лексика, прагматический аспект.   Anthropocentric approach to the language study is one of the reasons of scholars’ attention to the problems of the research of linguistic means expression. The expressive fund of the Ukrainian language is extremely rich and diverse, its elements function on different levels of the language system and become means of subjective expression of the speaker’s attitude to the contents of speaking. The current relevance of the given topic is conditioned by the need of further research of  the Ukrainian language  expressive fund on the material of contemporary writers’ novels and by the absence of linguistic researches of Andriy Cockotiukha’s works. The theoretical basis of the given paper is the researches by I. Arnold, N. Boiko, V. Maslova, E. Petrishcheva, V. Chabanenko. Lexical means of linguistic expression in the novel «Secret Well» by Andriy Cockotiukha are being analysed in the given article. The aim of the research is to find out and to describe lexical means of expressiveness creation in the light of communicative-and-pragmatic aspect. In the result of the research we can draw a conclusion that on the lexical level the most widely spread are the words that call definite emotions and experience and in the meanings of which there is an assessment component. Among them are the words that denote nature and character (including those expressed by apposition), denoting parts of the body, denoting actions, processes, the words that are emotional synonyms of the stylistically neutral words. Such language units often have negative colouring. The less spread are pronouns and solemn words expressing emotional assessment. So, the use of expressive vocabulary in the novel «Secret Well» by Andriy Cockotiukha is reasonable, weighed and conditioned by the idea and topic of the novel and helps implement the pragmatic scheme of the novel. Key words: linguistic means of expression, expressive category, emotive vocabulary, pragmatic aspect.


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