Дещо про вторинну номінацію (на матеріалі українськомовної газети)

  • V. Zayceva


Статтю присвячено актуальним проблемам вторинної номінації. На матеріалі сучасної українськомовної газети окреслено основні класи мовної номінації. Визначено місце метафори та метонімії у структурі вторинної номінації. Ключові слова: вторинна номінація, класи номінацій, метафора, метонімія, мова газети.   Статья посвящена актуальным проблемам вторичной номинации. На материале современной украинскоязычной газеты обозначены основные классы языковой номинации. Определено место метафоры и метонимии в структуре вторичной номинации. Ключевые слова: вторичная номинация, классы номинаций, метафора, метонимия, язык газеты.   Linguistic theory of nomination has grown rapidly since the 30-40-ies of the 20th century. The phenomenon of nomination is complex and multidimensional, associated with a whole range of problems, in particular with the character of the very process of new names emergence, with the correlation of sign and referent, the choice of language for the particular concept expression, with various ways of naming existence etc. This concerns certain set units, words first of all. The language nomination mechanism study requires a comprehensive investigation of this phenomenon content in all its linguistic forms, in particular as secondary nomination. These issues have always interested researchers and have not lost their relevance in contemporary linguistics. The demand to study secondary nomination as a constructive element of newspaper journalism language style organization was understood by researchers in the late 60-ies of the 20th century, referring to this productive source in connection with lexical and stylistic semantics issues study. Media language study was clearly intensified in the 90-ies of the 20th century. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the secondary nomination communicative-stylistic parameters issue in the newspaper text has not been the subject of monographic descriptions in Ukrainian linguistics till present. The given article aims to analyze the main classes of language nomination; to define the place of metaphor and metonymy in the structure of secondary nomination on the material of Ukrainian-language newspapers. The term nomination is considered by researchers as the semantic aspect of the word that is used in a particular language situation. In this interpretation, the term nomination is taken as the basis of the secondary nomination  definition. Among various types of semantic derivation, i. e. the meaning expansion, meaning narrowing etc, metaphor and metonymy are the most productive ones being universal in their conceptual basis as ways of renaming, the difference between them is that metaphor is the realization of a new property as the result of analogy, and the name choice by analogy, and metonymy is removing a property from the reality already reflected in the language because of its adjacency to a property of a new referent and the choice of its name. The metonymy investigation as a discursive phenomenon, i.e. the metonymy nomination analysis as one of the text forming factors is promising. Therefore, an important direction in the metonymy study is the identification of textual metonymy nomination, which is directly related to the metaphorical one. Serving various syntactic functions, metaphor and metonymy nominations are in contrast to each other. Therefore, if the primary nomination, based on subject-sensual perception, is the generalization first of all of social experience and the creation of conceptual level of knowledge, the secondary one is the generalization of language experience as well.   Key words: secondary nomination, classes of nomination, metaphor, metonymy, newspaper language.


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