Культура мови: корупція слова в рекламному бізнесі

  • I. Kolesnikova


У статті проаналізовано причини виникнення невдалих копірайтингових назв та переорієнтації їхніх функцій у процесі реальної рекламної практики. Ключові слова: рекламний бізнес, копірайтингова назва, функція, рекламна практика, корупція слова.   В статье проанализированы причины возникновения неудачных копирайтинговых названий и переориентации их функцій в процес се реальной рекламной практики. Ключевые слова: рекламный бизнес, копирайтинговое название, функция, рекламная практика, корупция слова.   In an article some reasons of beginning of unsuccessful advertising titles and reorientation of their functions in a process of real advertising practise are analized. The following reasons for similar negative refocusing of advertising names can be identified: 1. Selecting vivid lexical units, focusing on direct meaning of the word, being unaware of its semantics, ignoring background knowledge and connotations which are influential emotional components of its meaning. 2. Uncertainty of copywriter’s intentions, unacceptance of his/her choice, unjustified modelling of real advertising situation. 3. Inappropriateness of business name which is advertised, as a consequence, a sounding name looks comic or turns into nonsense, misleads a client regarding the quality of goods. 4. Using words with negative connotations, slang lexical units: Some advertising agents distinguish so called «tough» names which, to their mind, attract the attention of consumers and do not shock him/her or, on the contrary, shock state leads to concentration of attention of a client on particular item. 5.  Not taking into account language differences of the countries where a brand is sold which results in advertising not only a certain item, but also spelling mistakes which extrapolate on other spheres of customer service. 6. Unjustified usage of various proper names of particular institutions the work profile of which contrasts or gains features of oxymoron (through a name) in relation to selected lexical unit or induces allusions of well-educated readers. 7. Using a whelm of artistic and fiction works for creating advertising effect Key words: advertising business, advertising title, function, advertising practise, word corruption.


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