Невербальні елементи рекламних текстів

  • O. Hrushkova


У статті розглянуто невербальні складники рекламного тексту: шрифт, колір, візуально-графічні засоби, окреслено функції їх побутування, простежено їхній вплив на безпосереднього споживача рекламованої продукції. Дослідження може зацікавити не лише лінгвістів, а й психологів та маркетологів.  Ключові слова: лінгвістика тексту, рекламний текст, невербальні елементи, візуальна інформація, візуальний ряд, графічні засоби.   В статье рассмотрены невербальные составляющие рекламного текста: шрифт, цвет, визуально-графические средства, очерчены основные их функции, прослеживается их влияние на непосредственного потребителя рекламируемой продукции. Исследование может заинтересовать не только лингвистов, но и психологов и маркетологов. Ключевые слова: лингвистика текста, рекламный текст, невербальные элементы, визуальная информация, визуальный ряд, графические средства.   A study of language of the advertisement texts is one of the most actual directions of  linguistics research of the text of the 20thcentury. The aim of any advertisement is the formation of the psychological discipling for a consumer, and thus, advertisement text performs the important duty of the psychological influence. Therefore the adopted problem of advertisement text is at the joint of linguistics and psychology, presents scientific interest for such division of linguistics, as psycholinguistics. A topic of our scientific article is actual, as a study of advertisement text as special variety of text, is not possible without an address to the unverbal elements, that form the advertisement text. The study of the advertisement text became the aim of our research, specifically the  selection of its unverbal elements and tracing of influence of visual information on the consumer of the advertised products. The advertisement texts fixed on the transmitters of information of external advertisement in Dnipropetrovsk became the research material, selected during   2014-2015. It is found out during the research, that the unverbal components of advertisement texts are elements of a color-text visual expression of information. In particular, clip arts: pointers, logotypes, with a plot pictures, images of the advertised products or people that must embody its positive features, graphical stylization according to the corresponding letters, the use of the special types. As visual images have the opportunity to be interpreted wrong, there almost always is a necessity oftheir clarification and language embodiment. Statistical calculations and excretions of the most influential unverbal elements of the advertisement texts can become the prospect of further researches of unverbal elements through the anonymous questionnaire of the recipients of different age categories in relation to the most widespread goods advertised by mediation of municipal external advertisement. Key words: linguistics of text, advertisement text, unverbal elements, visual information, visual row, graphical means.


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