Мовні особливості української блогосфери

  • S. Zaitseva N. Levun


У статті проаналізовано мову блогу в аспекті дотримання літературних норм на різних мовних рівнях. Приділено також увагу варваризмам як одному з найпоказовіших явищ в інтернет-комунікації. Ключові слова: інтернет-комунікація, блог, культура мови, норми літературної мови, варваризм.   В статье анализируется язык блога в аспекте соблюдения литературных норм на разных языковых уровнях. Особое внимание уделено варваризмам как одному из наиболее показательных явлений в интернет-коммуникации. Ключевые слова: интернет-коммуникация, блог, культура речи, нормы литературного языка, варваризм.   The widest spectrum of lexical, stylistic and word-formative devices is represented in the blog as one of the most popular media. Both traditional devices and devices of virtual communication are actualized here. The article deals with the analysis of blog language in the aspect of adherence of literary norms on different language levels. The attention is also paid to barbarisms as one of the most significant phenomena in the internet communication. The peculiarity of lexical structure of blog language in Ukrainian part of the Internet is the large quantity of units used for representing the events of the social and political life, the processes connected with computer and network technologies. The large quantity of borrowings, most of those are barbarisms, and the obscene lexis are analyzed in the article. Despite the fact that multidimensional nature connected with the internet-communication study, the ortological component of Ukrainian-speaking blog characterization is insufficiently researched today. The relevance of our research is in the analysis of the language of Ukrainian blogosphere from this point of view. The subject of consideration in the presented article is the violation of language norms and barbarisms in blog texts. The task of our research is to evaluate the phenomena that characterize the up-to-date communication in the aspect of language culture. The actual material is picked up from the text resources of the blogs set on the blog-platforms (LiveJournal, I.ua та ін.), journalistic websites and independent blogs. The prospects for further research of the language of Ukrainian blogosphere are in future analysis of lexical and stylistic peculiarities of this genre in the structure of mass media devices, in identification of word-formation dynamic processes which are in the Ukrainian-speaking blogs. Key words: Internet communication, blog, language culture, norms of the literary language, barbarism.


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