• N. Karikova


The articles and letters, which were published in "Literary Newspaper" in 1958-1959 years, are analyzed in this work. This newspaper became a public tribune from which patriotic Ukrainian primarily known and respected writers (Boris Antonenko-Davidovich, Maksym Rylsky, etc.), could openly express opinions about the critical condition of contemporary Ukrainian language. Today the problems, which are related to the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian nation, including the language, became acutely political and social issues, as appears extremely important need for a detailed study the history of the Ukrainian language. This important period, in our opinion, is the end of the 1950-s. last century, that preceded the times of "cultural renaissance" in Ukraine. The central aim of this work is to analyze newspaper articles and letters of periodical  for two years (1958-1959), of which are known and authoritative Ukrainian writers (Boris Antonenko-Davidovich, Maksym Rylsky, etc.) and the readers of newspaper expressed their views on the critical state of Ukrainian word. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the struggle for a standardization of the Ukrainian language, free of domination in the Ukrainian lands of native words. This struggle, that was carried from the pages of "Literary Newspaper" in the end of the 1950-s. last century, was an honest, open, very necessary and important for the preservation and further development of the Ukrainian language.                                                                                                  Key words: "Literary Newspaper", standardization of language, Boris Antonenko-Davidovich, Maksym Rylsky, the Ukrainian literary language


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