DESIGN of VERBAL PORTRAIT of WOMAN BY MEANS OF EXPRESSIVE SYNTAX (based on «Diary of executed» Maria Matios)

  • O. Kulbabska


The article is dedicated to the creation and perception peculiarities of verbal appearance of the character of woman in love in psychological exploration of Maria Matios «Diary of executed», written in form of woman’s diary, framed a separate plot. Relevance of the proposed work makes the necessity of complex description of functionally-semantic categories of expressivity, means of its realization. There is a hypothesis that syntactic structure of the phrase and its expressiveness occurred due to special author’s style. Analysis of functional aspects of expressive potential of syntactic units of Ukrainian prose text by understanding the writer’s intentions is the aim of the article. Realization of the purpose foresees the decision of tasks: 1) to generalize basic directions and achievements of study of status of patterns of expressive syntax; 2) to set typology of expressive syntactic units in fiction; 3) to define stylistic potential of syntactic expressions in the psychological novel of Maria Matios «Diary of executed». To the expressive receptions of the creative writing M. Matios belong such expressive techniques as parcelation, joining, lexical repeats, interrogative constructions in monologue speech, nominative sentences, inserted constructions which activate attention of the reader on semantic and stylistic centres of linguistic context. This enables authoress to attain maximal concentration and to give expressiveness to the character’s speech. Complex consideration-sentences that are built upon a pattern «statement - refuse», show the associative world of Larysa Kovalchuk, the author of diary, increase emotional tone of speech in fiction. Constructions of conversational syntax are typical for text. There are incomplete and ragged sentences, words-suggestions, words-appeals among them. They provide effortless presentation and help to achieve emotional effect, make stylistic context informal and relaxed communication. It’s noticed that a varicoloured intonation palette is presented in a novel – exclamation / interrogative / uninterrogative. It helps the author to strengthen emotional and sensual picture, to reproduce drama of sense of protagonists on a paper and to accent attention of the reader on the development of the storyline prompting him (her) to emotional and intellectual labour, to the conciderations on eternal questions of life and comprehension of vital priorities. Punctuation marks are also effective means of expressivity in the novel of M. Matios. They help to represent the internal world of the character. Different types of expressions provide the realization of philosophical and aesthetic concept of the author and represent the peculiarity of Ukrainian mentality – cordycentrizm. The importance of subsequent scientific learning of facilities of expressive syntax in research of ground, experienced and logical meaning of syntactic units but also individually symbolic meaning which exposes reading of fiction in the conditions of new cultural discourse. Keywords: verbal appearance, diary discourse, writer’s intention, expressive syntax, actualization, syntactic units, linguistic and stylistic functions.


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