The importance of metaphor in the Ukrainian musical terminology development

  • S. Bulyk-Verkhola
  • Y. Tehlivets


The research of the metaphorical nomination peculiarities in the Ukrainian musical terminology becomes of special relevance. Yet the terminology is not only the part of the language lexical system, but it is simultaneously the evidence of the people’s culture.The aim of the present research is to single out the metaphorical transfer types, which are widespread in the musical terminology creation, basing on the semantic analysis of the Ukrainian musical terminology. The article has defined that as the result of the musical terms creation by change of meaning of the commonly used vocabulary the regularities, which are similar for different languages, appear in their semantic development, for example, the semantics widening and narrowing, the notions scope change, names transfer by different associations. These are the following examples: the words of the common literary vocabulary becoming terms (spoons, plates, sleeve, threshold etc.); reinterpretation of words by the similarity of shape, size, parts location (snail, slug, grasshopper etc.) etc. Thus, the Ukrainian language musical terminology, being an open system, is tightly connected with the entire language vocabulary. The metaphor promotes the associative thinking, contributes to the information compactness, draws and keeps attention. But one should not misuse the terms with indirect meaning because it may become the reason of the scientific text being vague and imprecise or cause terms loss to the musical terminological system.


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