Mathematical terms as a means of Roman Ivanchuk’s artistic language intellectualization

  • H. Horodylovska


The article deals lexical-semantic analysis of mathematical of terms which are a means of Roman Ivanchuk’s artistic language intellectualization.Relevance of the topic is defined by the lack of thorough studies on linguistic-stylistic features of the writer’s historical prose. This relevance is caused by the objective need to investigate comprehensively prose texts regarding the using of special vocabulary in their structure.The aim of the article is to make the linguostylistic analysis of texts of Roman Ivanchuk’s historical writings, to reveal their scientific terminology, to determine the features of its functioning in the texts analyzed. The goal assumes the following tasks: to single mathematical terms out of special vocabulary, to figure out the ways of their realization in the usual for them function of concepts nomination, as well as stylistically-expressive meaning, to show the features of the use of language units in a variety of communicative situations. For comparison, the language usage and contextual characteristics of mathematical terms are given; the potential semantic, stylistic, emotional and expressive capabilities of such lexemes in an artistic text are disclosed. In the conclusions, it is highlighted that the use of mathematical terms is not confined to scientific texts, but rather extends the scope of its functioning in artistic style. In historical prose of the writer, they perform an important nominative and stylistic function, being the means of intellectualization, concepts nomination and lexical units stylization of the author’s language. So, on the one hand, they contain the necessary in the historical genre scientific information and, on the other hand, they function as expressive means. Using mathematical terms in historical prose, the writer skillfully weaves them into the created original art images; he provides the text with the scientific colouring, shows how the expressive means of artistic language of the genre extend and vary, points the processes of interaction of the intellectualization means in the context of a literary work; and all this shows the mastery of the author, reveals his author’s and individual language world picture. In the long term, not only mathematical terms will be the subject for the research, but also vocabulary from the other fields of science in the language of Roman Ivanchuk’s historical prose, which will allow intellectually understand the past and to show its connection with the present, since the writer wrote about the history, though thinking about the present. Keywords: mathematical term, nominative meaning, stylistically expressive meaning, means of intellectualization, Roman Ivanchuk’s historical fiction.


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