• Z. Kunch
  • L. Kharchuk


The article is based on the material of the modern Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology and it analyzes the specific of the lexical-semantic derivation method. Lexical-semantic (semantic) way of derivation that is based on that the common word acquire in terminology a new lexical meaning, losing by the way a close semantic relationship with its generating word. Linguistically it leads to changes in the semantic structure of the word and produces homonyms. These phenomena comes up because along with the common words that are well known to the speakers appear the words, terms that denote some scientific concepts. Based on the chosen material from the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology we identified the main thematic groups of the electric power terms that were formed in the lexical-semantic way: names of body parts of creatures, the names of objects or their parts, names of buildings, structures and names of physiological conditions, processes and actions. The research emphasizes that lexical-semantic (semantic) way of derivation actively finds itself in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology. It consists in the fact that common word turns to a term and completely loses the contact with its initial value and acquires a qualitatively new semantic load or maintain a relationship with the generating element. It should be noted that these term units that operate in UEET can also function as individual words and combinations of words as parts of terms. At the modern stage of development of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology we do not notice the high frequency derivation by the lexical-semantic way, but it still remains important process that is caused by indissoluble link between general use and scientific language and the metaphor penetration as a natural phenomenon in the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system. Despite the fact that the ideal term should be straightforward and should devoid connotations, it is not possible in modern conditions of knowledge. Terminology units as a word marks acquire new semantic nuances, maintaining in some degree a relationship with their primary lexical unit. Key words: Ukrainian language, lexical-semantic derivation method, Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology, derivation, metaphor.


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