• O. Akastyelova
  • O. Mayboroda


The article emphasizes the leading role of phraseological units in the system of language artistic expression. Linguistic research in recent years pointed at a considerable interest of scientists to the problem of linguistic personality, especially to its expression in artistic texts (research of S. Ermolenko, N. Sologub, N. Duzhyk, T. Dolzhykova etc.), as the artistic text is a specific linguistic mean of reflecting the author’s picture of world. Linguistic picture of world, created by lexical means, substantially complements phraseological units. Studying of Ukrainian phraseology based on the works of a particular author allows to determine the individual features of their assimilation and creative reconsidering by the linguistic personality. It conditions the relevance of our research.The aim of this article is to research the semantics and stylistic features of phraseological units in the detective novels of modern Ukrainian writer Andriy Cockotiykha. Literary critics refer his works of art to mass literature. Texts of such works of art should be dynamic, emotional, should excite, hold the reader’s attention.The writer skillfully makes use of the stylistic capabilities of phraseological units and use them according to ideological and thematic content of the work. Phraseological units are the mean of moral and psychological characteristics. In texts of detective novels Andriy Cockotiykha uses phraseologisms related to the topics of his works that mean events, phenomena, processes, typical for detective stories. The source base of phraseologysms used by Andriy Cockotiykha is incredibly wide. The author uses bookish, poetic phraseologisms in one hand, and oral-colloquial phraseological units in the other. Andriy Cockotiykha modifies phraseological units, creating interesting contexts.Thus, individual creative manner of a talented novelist appears in using of phraseological units to create the speech characteristics of characters, in ways of contextual transformation of phraseological units and skillful combination of several phraseologisms in the narrow context. The prospects of further research can be seen in in-depth study of certain phraseological microsystems.Key words: phraseologism, phraseological unit, a work of art, individual style of the writer, stylistic features, semantics.


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