• I. Popova


Syntax is the highest level in the system of the language structure. Everything that is formed, classified and functions at previous language levels like various units of phonology, morphology, lexicology, is accumulated and gains communicative importance precisely in syntax. Syntax as a highest level of linguistic structure differs from others, first of all, in quantitative parameters. This objectively gives rise to some difficulties in researching and describing the syntactical language structure. In our opinion, description system becomes efficient and consistent within the context of three basic categories: unit, links, model.Syntactic models are structural or functional analogues of real language and speech constructions in generalized or if needed also in symbolic form.Modeling of basic syntactic units in modern Ukrainian literary language is based on two main procedures: reflection and contamination. The essence of the first one is connected with changing certain speech or language unit with any of its symbols (or with graphic signs) of the same with this unit category, and essence of the second one lies in combination in one analytical expression a certain set of different models of any linguistic phenomenon, received in assigned text corpora or in the list of linguistic units because of reflection procedure. Using potential possibilities of the above-mentioned universals has enabled us to create models of main syntactic units at the pre-communicative level – word-forms, word groups, word connections, at the second level – sentence as a main communicative unit, at the third one – over-phrase unity and text.Linguistic modeling is an efficient tool for scientific research, and also a method to present its results. It is especially relevant at syntactic language level due to its specificity. Taking into account this issue, researching processes of modeling syntactic phenomena remains promising, for example, in modeling kinds of word groups, complex /compound sentences, syntactic link etc.Key words: syntactic language level, graphic and analytical models, operations of reflection and contamination, word-forms, word groups, word connections, sentence, over-phrase unity, text.


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