• H. Yevseieva


Problem statement. The level of development of scientific language influences on the intellectual advancement of society and attests the status of the language of the people’ self-revelation. Formation of scientific language was occurring while adverse conditions in Ukraine, that’s why Ukrainian industry terminology system did not develop naturally. The establishment of scientific and technical terminological system, and construction in particular was made impossible by conditions without statehood of Ukraine. The interest of the scientific language in Ukraine was growing while of national revival. When prohibitions and persecutions were weakened and Ukrainian scientific language had an opportunity to reveal its full potential. Obviously, today, the valuation industry terminology problem in the modern domestic linguistics can be attributed to one of the most actual for this reason. This aspect should be considered, and the terminology system of the construction industry too.Analysis of recent publications. Today the Ukrainian linguistics have already had a lot of works where authors consider both the general theoretical issues of terminology, and industry.Theoretical generalization of modern views on the problem of the linguistic study of the use of industry terminology and theoretical research diversified in practice comprehensive analysis of the terminological system, where a verbalization of the cognition of objective reality is provided, associated with such industries like construction.The purpose is to analyze condition that relate to the Ukrainian national housing and their correlation with the terminology of modern construction. Conclusion. Ukrainian peasant house is an important source of historical and cultural, cultural and social knowledge of the person as an organized in functional and aesthetically space serving to provide Ukrainians processes of life. The Ukrainian peasant house related to a large group of specific vocabulary of the Ukrainian language, which is not unfairly used in modern construction terminology. The task of philologists is to work together with specialists and to compile a dictionary of construction terms, which will serve as a basis for the development and approval of state standards in the construction industry. Keywords: Ukrainian peasant house, lexical units, the names of construction structures.  


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