• Людмила Білоконенко


The article deals with the problem of interpreting cooperative communication. The author expresses the opinion that this concept is deeper than politeness or rejection of violence when a person needs to give in to avoid a conflict, to assume someone else’s right for own thoughts or actions. This aspect needs to be interpreted with understanding the statements, stereotypes, concepts of successful contact, which is set in our society. The purpose of the article is to clarify the essence of cooperative communication from the point of view of its interpretative ambiguity. Objectives of the study: to identify the pragmatic boundaries of cooperative behaviour of individuals; to analyse the «equilibrium model», which asserts the need of harmony of the social system; to differentiate the correspondence of this type of connection of individuals with the moral and legal norms of society; describe the semantic space of the category «tolerance» and its correlation with the concepts «non-violence» and «tolerance».It was revealed that the pragmatic boundaries of cooperative contact are determined by the efficiency, durability and usefulness, but aspects of conflict resolution or neutralization based on it are short-lived. According to the model of social conflict-free equilibrium, the development of society involves cooperative relations, balance, cooperation. In such a society, the adaptive ability to avoid collisions increases over time; the system itself is able to maintain consensus among its members. Cooperative communication has its moral and ethical significance, making possible the actions of people who provide public respect, personal self-esteem, moral satisfaction. In the semantic area, cooperative communication is often interpreted from the standpoint of tolerance; confused the concept of tolerance as a psychological essence, moral setting, the properties of the human mind, a range of different types of actions and interpersonal relationships; as well as distinguishing between non-violence and tolerance.


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