• Ірина Ментинська
  • Галина Наконечна


The article focuses on a topic of discussion in modern terminology – definition of the term as a component of the branch terminological system. Relevance of the article is determined by the rapid development of computer terminology and the need for its systematization and standardization at all levels of the language. Objective of the article is: to trace the process of forming the contemporary grasp of term as a unit of terminological system, on the one hand, and a unit of the general literary language – on the other hand; to make a projection of principles of construction of branch terminology on theUkrainian computer terminology; to formulate the definition of a notion «computer term».In modern terminology, the basic features of the term are distinguished as follows: 1) systemicity, 2) compliance of the lexical meaning of the term with the concept denoted, 3) tendency to monosemy within the terminological field, 4) no synonyms, 5) no homonyms, 6) rational brevity, 7) stylistic neutrality, 8) ability to word-forming processes, 9) compliance with the language norm, 10) predominance of native lexemes, 11) coherence of the names of one concept within different subject areas.Having projected the above features on modern computer terminology, we’ll find out that some of them are rather desirable than actual characteristics of computer units. In modern computer terminology, we observe the phenomenon of synonymy: Oversaturation of the terminology system with the Anglicisms. Some terms do not correspond to the language standard, in particular spelling.Conclusions. The article traces the diachrony of the formation of features of the term as a linguistic and professional-system unit. It’s found out that the degree of compliance of modern Ukrainian computer terminology units with the existing classical requirements for the term makes up approximately fifty percent; that indicates the need to work out this dynamic system at all levels (lexical, morphological, word-building, syntactic, spelling, stylistic).


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