• Юлія Нагорна


The article deals with general characteristic of linguistic culture of civil servants in Ukraine as Ukrainian integration into European Union, globalization processes demand the necessity of highly-qualified state servants.It has been determined that violation of language and communication norms by civil servants can cause misunderstanding and have negative impact on both their personal reputation and reputation of official institution they work for. It has been established that Public Service Act of Ukraine, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On language test of persons applying for public service», Ukrainian Language Standard are main statutory acts regulating linguistic culture of civil servants legislatively. Ukrainian Language Standard is considered to have combined European experience regarding regulation of civil servants linguistic culture which is an important part of state policy. This experience obliges that civil servants use national language during their professional duties fulfillment as Ukrainian language is proclaimed to be national language which must be used by public institutions and correspondingly by civil servants. It has been found that respect of national symbols, state history, human rights and freedoms by civil servants includes national language.The combination of Ukrainian and Russian languages in the speech of civil servants has been defined to lead to literary language norms violation. Such typical speech errors as orthoepical, spelling, accentual, word-building, morphological, lexical, syntactical and stylistic ones have been analyzed by comparing public servants speaking with active norms of Ukrainian language.The approach regarding the processes of civil servants linguistic culture improvement has been formed on the ground of material used.


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