• Анна Середницька


The article is dedicated to the comparative analysis of quantitative and structural characteristics literary and slang Ukrainian verbs. It deals with the literary and slang semantic field, which is consists of the verbs with the meaning of walking. My goal is to describe semiotic processes in the semantic field of Ukrainian standard words and slang words which are used in student social class.This article gathers a large number of slang words of walking (84), examines semantic processes linked with the forms of social life. It studies verbs, their structural properties, investigate their use and signifance for different members of a language community, determines standard literary words frequency in student speech, quantity of standard literary language words (200) and slang words (84), quantity of synonymous series (49 in standard literary language and 5 in slang). The article also examines slang expressions and fixed phrases, idioms and determines there meanings, which are matches with the semantic of slang synonymous series. Although expressions that began as slang constructions often find their place into the standard language, the semantic field of slang verbs is poorer not only by the quantity of verbs and its stylistic potential, but is also semantically limited. In addition, it is not appropriate in formal situations. Slang is very informal language that is usually spoken rather than written, so it consists of not only Ukrainian words. It is formed of English, German, Russian, Polish words. This issue becomes especially important when we consider the low level of standard Ukrainian language verbs in student speech. In spite of small quantity slang words of walking have a high frequency which can be compare with main literary words ‘go’ and ‘walk’. This means that Ukrainian language is in danger because of low cultural level and literacy of members of a language community.The research results can be used in some fields of linguistic theory and practice: in forming of slang dictionaries; in resorting of Ukrainian national language conceptualization of the surrounding world.


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