• Ірина Іншакова
  • Артур Іншаков


Formal language skills are highly skilled, a teacher educated by the corresponding departments of pedagogical universities. Among the number of psychological and pedagogical and methodological disciplines the prominent place belongs to the philological training of students-future educators of pre-school educational institutions. This determines the relevance of our scientific research, the purpose of which is to reveal the place and significance of the culture of Ukrainian speech in the professional training of students of the specialty «Preschool Education». The main tasks are to emphasize the most important issues of the culture of speech, to disclose the notion of the norms of contemporary Ukrainian literary language, the typology of language norms, the characteristics of communicative features, and to analyze the state of the identified problem in the practice of work of pre-school establishments through questionnaires.At all levels – phonetic-orphoepic, lexical, grammatical, etc. – the Ukrainian language should help to raise the level of speech culture. There is a need for continuous in-depth work on mastering the standards of the literary language, the appropriate use of their functional styles of speech, the art of possession of speech technology, the formation of future skills-educators skills to use the theoretical benefits obtained during the study at the university, in the practice of preschool education of the younger generation. The conducted analysis of the speech culture of students-practitioners showed an inadequate level of mastery of linguistic norms. The prospect of the study is the further formation of the communicative competence of the educator through the consolidation and improvement of the skills of possession of the norms of the Ukrainian literary language.


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