• Ірина Козелко


In connection with the growth of the socio-political level of the population at the beginning of the 20th century the language was enriched with diverse research. Scientists were interested in the changes that have taken place in the recent period. A number of scientists have analyzed the notion of linguistic norm, which is part of the structure of language culture.The concepts of language culture were in the field of research by scholars at the beginning of the 20th century and continue to this day, since under this notion is understood the proper possession of the norms of the language formed by an educated society. In order to understand the development of the notion of language culture, scientist should consider publications by V. Symovych, who was a scientist at the beginning of the 20th century, that characterized by a number of criteria in various spheres of cultural life of man. To confirm the actuality of the study of this concept, we compare the views of the scientist with the views of modern scholars. V. Simovych analyzed linguistic advice, ethical and grammatical rules, which will form a highly cultured nation. V. Simovych emphasized that the selected language is a sign of education, which creates its independence, which the scientist equated to linguistic independence. The term culture language and the relationship between definitions in various scientific sources are analyzed. The basic criteria of the culture of speech are revealed: normativity, adequacy, aesthetics, polyfunctionality. It was investigated that language culture is implemented in compliance with linguistic norms that correspond to the trends of language development. In the future it is necessary to study the aspects of culture of the language by the scholars of the early XX and XXI centuries.


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