• Наталія Голікова


The article focuses on occasional combinations of words, which in the artistic discourse of P. Zagrebelnogo represent the logical-semantic category of occasionality. The main purpose of scientific intelligence is a comprehensive analysis of one of the varieties of these individualisms - pairs of combinations of words, which form an extensive system of meaningful individual author stylists in the language of the writer. The analysis is carried out with the help of the general scientific statement on pairing of words as phraseologisms or phraseologized combinations, which consist of two full-word words with lexical-semantic and grammatical similarity. One of the types of studied stylists is described in detail – lexico-semantic pairs. The criteria for their classification into subtypes are developed, based on the identification of synonymous, pseudosynonymous (semantic addition, belonging to the same thematic series, etc.) and antonymic semantic relations between the components of occasional pair combinations. In addition to the semantic signs of the convergence of the components of pair combinations, a number of structural, stylistic, axiological specific features, updated for stylists in different contexts, were revealed. It is concluded that the allocation of such innovative units in the language creation of P. Zagrebelnyi enables to significantly expand the corps of investigated individualisms, and also to add this kind of stylistics to the list of language-linguistic means, which in general represent the category of occasionality in the artistic style.


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