• Галина Городиловська


The article deals with an actual problem of modern linguistic stylistics – the study of the idiostyle of a Ukrainian writer Roman Ivanychuk.The aim of the article is to study the semantic and stylistic features of lexical resources in the historical novels of the prose writer, the complex of which reproduces the idiolect of the writer, reflects individual author’s view of the world, distinguishes the artist among others as on original language personality. This aim set is to solve the following tasks: to distinguish synonyms, antonyms, historisms, neologisms, dialectal, foreign-language words in the historical writings of the writer; to implement the semantic-stylistic analysis of these units; to substantiate the appropriateness of their introduction into the canvas of a work of fiction; to find out the techniques of use and productivity of use in the analysed texts.On the basis of the linguistic-stylistic analysis of factual material, it has been confirmed that the stylistic use of lexical units in Roman Ivanychuk’s historical works of fiction is a means for reproducing the cultural and household colouring of the depicted period, representing the life of characters, creating their language characteristics. The lexical means truly, deeply and figuratively reveal the topics, problems of historical works of fiction, characterizing specific historical persons. It is they that play an important stylistic role in the text, perform artistic and figurative functions in it, and are necessary expressive means of transferring the author’s views. Their expedient and quite productive use characterizes the creative manner of the writer, highlights the specifics of his artistic thinking, individual uniqueness in the given individual-language picture of the world, distinguishes the linguistic personality of the author from among other work of fiction masters. The study of the lexical means of Roman Ivanychuk’s idiostyle makes it possible to assess his contribution to the system of artistic means of the national language, to identify the general patterns and leading trends in the development of modern literary language.The prospect of further research is seen in the study of the idiostyle of Roman Ivanychuk with a complete description of other lexical means of his language-stylistic system, the analysis of tropheism as an aesthetic component of works of fiction.


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