• Ірина Микитюк


The name Ukraine is a word-symbol that represents our state and is one of the oldest units in the language and mental picture of the world. Therefore, the analysis of the word Ukraine in «Literary Essays» by Dmytro Dontsov is relevant, which allows to interpret the text in accordance with the views of the author and illustrates the nation-building and state-building functions of the language.Purpose to show the cultural and historical background of the use of the word Ukraine in «Literary Essays» by Dmytro Dontsov.Objectives: to show the lexical-semantic features of the name Ukraine based on the life of writers and political figures; to characterize the functions of the specified name; to find out the aspects of the speech culture about the usage of the wrong form on Ukraine. The determinant place in the system of individual-language world picture of Dmytro Dontsov takes the word Ukraine, which recreates the cultural and political mood of the era, reveals the ideological background of the text, and is a factor in the formation of the language and political worldview and the building basis of a strong state.The lexeme Ukraine is used in the texts both as an independent name and with an attributive modifier (Soviet, Great, Socialist etc.). It is significant that the ideologue of nationalism does not characterize our country as a nightingale, flowered but convincingly accentuates on significant aspects, therefore Ukraine appears in the texts of Dmytro Dontsov as heroic, stormy, glorious, mighty, strong, and Cossack.Prospects for further research in this area are in the analysis of the lexeme Ukraine in the works of the writers of the journal «Visnyk» and in the consideration of the toponymic field of works by Dmytro Dontsov.


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