• Мирослава Баган


Against the background of the tendencies towards democratization and liberalization of the television information space, it is important to adhere not only to the culture of communication but also to the culture of the nomination, since the names of the TV shows reflects the ideological, moral, ethical, and aesthetic values of the creators of teleproduction and propagate them among viewers. In connection with this, the relevance of the study of the level of culture of the nomination in the modern Ukrainian television space and the formulation of practical recommendations for its improvement has become relevant. The paper aims to analyze the Ukrainian TV show titles in two aspects: linguistic and cultural. In this aspects Ukrainian TV show titles have not been substantially studied, which determines the relevance of the proposed article. The paper states two main tendencies of nomination in modern Ukrainian television space: 1) excessive Englishization of televisionims; 2) broad imitation of the titles of Russian TV programs. They testify to the denationalization of Ukrainian television, the low level of culture of nomination, indifference to the development of the national idea and the non-compliance with the norms of the official language.The author delineates the different ways of using English language in the naming of Ukrainian television broadcasts: 1) the use of the English name, 2) the combination of some English words with the Ukrainian, resulting in hybrid composites and hybrid phrases, 3) the writing of Ukrainian words in part or in full English letters, and 4) the transliteration of English words in the Ukrainian language.It is pointed out that televisionims that combine English and Ukrainian components violate not only the lexical and graphic norms of modern Ukrainian literary language, and sometimes its grammatical regularities. It has been proved that an important component of the culture of the people should be a high, nationally oriented culture of television titles creation, which involves the creation of clear, meaningful and aesthetic titles of television programs in accordance with the norms of Ukrainian literary usage and Ukrainian spelling.


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