• Юлія Єловська


Constant changes in the socio-political and socio-cultural spheres indicate the need for a deep and detailed analysis of strategies, which provide successful speaker interaction. Among them the first place takes politeness strategy. It is commonly understood as a type of social interaction, which is based on the addressee respect, his interests, desires and aspirations. Such linguistic means as euphemism usage guarantees following this strategy while speaking. This paper deals with the problem of using euphemisms as the means of implementing politeness strategies. The attempt is made to analyze pragmatic factors of euphemism formation based on the samples of Ukrainian mass media messages. It also outlines the specifics of euphemisms use in speech and determines its impact on the addressee. The term «euphemism» is generally understood as the softened name of any phenomenon or object instead of the harsh, rude or impolite one. The paper also reveals the most productive methods of euphemization characterizing Ukrainian broadcasting. Analyzed samples prove the shift in the public opinion of Ukrainians that contributes to the sustainable consolidation of politeness and political correctness ideas. To sum up euphemisms become the active means that allow the speaker to avoid and overcome communicative difficulties.


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