• Вікторія Зайцева
  • Микола Ковальчук


In the article one of the most important directions of modern Ukrainian linguistics isstudied – the research of political communication, metaphors in particular, as a component of political discourse of printed mass media. The urgency of the study is that certain aspects of new phenomena in the metaphor of Ukrainian political discourse require additional attention. It is also advisable to trace the processes of active use of certain metaphorical units in political discourse. The papers of O. Balaban, V. Vovk, O. Taranenko, N. Teliya and others deal with the study of dynamic processes in political communication. The subject of the paper is the metaphor as a component of Ukrainian newspaper communication. The purpose to find out the features of the use of political metaphor in modern mass media. In the article the following tasks are realized: the theoretical basis of metaphor is investigated; The role of metaphor in mass-media political discourse has been clarified; the connotative aspect of the metaphor in the political text is defined. The analysis of the investigated political metaphors convinced that the most productive political metaphors in modern mass media texts are the metaphors of such groups: politics - sports, politics - war, politics - game, politics - means of movement, politics - construction. These types of metaphors are productive and popular means of creating the expressiveness and expressivity of the political text; they can be considered as conceptual spheres reflecting the national consciousness and perception of people of the beginning of the XXI century.The prospect of research is seen in involving the political metaphor in the analysis of language manipulations in mass media political discourse.


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