• Оксана Литвин
  • Надія Голубінка


The culture of speech stands for compliance with literary norms of pronunciation, stress; ability to consciously use standard forms and expressions; ability to express opinion clearly, concisely, understandably; activity aimed at improving the level of knowledge about the language, its propaganda and reinforcement of language norms; elimination of linguistic mistakes, unjustified borrowings, awkward neologisms, alien elements, vulgarisms, etc.; aesthetics of speech, that is the ability to feel the beauty of word, refinement, perfection.The article provides analysis of mistakes made in mass media, aiming at improvement of the process of development of competences each journalist needs in higher educational institutions (primarily linguistic one). The key problem in the analysis of journalist texts, both oral and written ones, is the problem of lexical choice, since the language of mass media opens up a wide range of opportunities for using synonymy. Unfortunately, the problem of mass media texts is the use of a large number of jargonisms and elements of non-literary vocabulary; there also occur social and political neologisms, new words related to military events, with the negative emotional colouring. And while in political TV talk-shows the use of this type of emotionally coloured vocabulary is caused by the topicality of the theme under discussion, that is its stylistic expediency is justified, in information, culture studies, entertainment programs aimed for the mass, and in particular young viewer or listener, that is impermissible. A journalist must be an exemplary speaker, but mass media materials often contain a large number of mistakes at the lexical, phonetic, morphological and syntactic language levels, which fact testifies to a low level of journalists’ linguistic culture. To avoid such communicative failures, it is necessary to look up dictionaries on a more frequent basis, to care for selection of words, to bear the target designation of the material in mind.


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