• Олена Назаренко


The subject of the study is level of quality of editorial work of the network resource «Chitomo», the main theme of which is book publishing and novelties of this industry. We set ourselves the aim to analyze the quality of literary response of the resource. There is no information about the author's site structure is not provided. Accordingly, it is impossible to say professional worker of mass communication created text or an amateur. But anyway, the materials must wake flawless in terms of language literacy. To achieve this goal it was necessary to perform the following tasks:- to analyze copyrighted material submitted to the site;- to determine the level of language skill of the articles; - to draw conclusions about the quality of customer processing materials placed on the resource page.Object of study – the quality of the the work of the literary editor of the network resource «Chytomo». Subject – the level of language literacy of the appointed site.The analysis shows that the language of the texts requires significant improvement, as the materials are punctuated with punctuation, grammatical, lexical errors. The main reason is that the editorial board relies on author's self-editing, which does not always give a positive result – an ideally literate text.Errors in the use of punctuation mostly relating to missing or extra commas, use commas or dashes in place of the comas. Found technical errors, such as the usual dash in place of the long one. There are cases when typing errors led to a distortion of the content of expression. In the section grammatical errors discovered various inconsistencies in gender, case and number. The most numerous group of anormatives are errors in vocabulary. This may be the use of the same word or of one root in neighboring and even in the same sentence. Improper use of homonyms, synonyms absence where they can be taken. Found tracings from Russian dialect, confused meanings.Given the diverse number of detected errors, we believe that texts require significantly improve the website. The very same topic – editing of the network resources – seems fruitful and promising, requires active research.


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