• Олена Гурко


In linguistic studies, the correlation between the meanings of affirmartion, reality and irreality is interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, the researchers note the connection between the meanings of affirmartion and reality, on the other – indicate that the modality of irreality can correlate not only with negation but with the affirmation, which also causes the relevance of the proposed article.The purpose of the research is to find out the connection between the categories of affirmation, reality and irreality. The goal involves the following tasks: to investigate the interaction of the categories of affirmation, reality, irreality, and to distinguish their main means of expression. The material for analysis are the works of Ukrainian writers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Taking into account the opinions of scholars, within the scope of the study, we present the grammatical category of affirmation as expressing a logical affirmation, reflecting the existence of real links between certain phenomena of reality, and therefore the affirmative content of the sentence conveys, in the first place, the relation to reality from the point of view of its reality and indicates the functionality affirmation in the expression of irreality.The system of basic expressing means of the studied categories consists of lexemes of different part-language affilation, particles, mood-time forms of verbs, predicates of action, process and state, nominative one-members sentences, narrative sentenses. Furthermore the intonation plays an important role in the interaction between the category of affirmation, reality and irreality. Intonation is one of the means of transferring object-subjective relations in speech. Sometimes forms and meanings can be dissociated, for example, by creating the impression of a transposition of affirmation in the sphere of unreality. Further research could be performed in the sphere of the modest category of epistemicity.


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