• Валерія Корольова
  • Ірина Попова


The article analyzes confrontational and cooperative strategies in dialogues of characters of plays by Sergey Shchuchenko. In modern linguistics, along with an active research of communicative strategies in political, advertising, professional discourse and media discourse, there are attempts to learn the strategic nature of interpersonal communication. Conflict as the main internal element of dramatic works explains widespread use of confrontational strategies and tactics in dialogues of characters of contemporary plays, as well as cooperative strategies and tactics as a way out of conflict communicative situations. Cooperative (non-conflict) strategies are aimed at achieving a global strategic goal through cooperation with a partner and on the joint implementation of information exchange tasks, while in confrontational (conflict) strategies, conflict is the main means for accomplishing strategic tasks. Confrontational (conflict) strategies demonstrate the communicator's attitude against the listener and are focused on active pursuit of their own goals without taking into account the interests of the partner. Strategies for manipulation and speech aggression are distinguished among conflict ones. Confrontational strategy of manipulation within the framework of internal dramatic communication is expressed in the tactics of threats, refusals, pressures, demands, reproaches, indignation and so on. The strategy of speech aggression involves use of tactics images, irony, criticism, bullying, provocation and the like. In situations of cooperative communication the following tactics have been identified: interest, support, positive assessment, informing, praise, consent, advice, request, care, etc. Common tactics of cooperative strategy is the tactics of interest, motivated by real interest, the desire to receive new information, and etiquette attention. The prospect of further scientific research is seen in the study of gender specificity of implementation of character strategies in dramatic discourse.


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