• Тетяна Шуліченко


This work is devoted to the analysis of the main factors of the formation of speech behavior of men and women. The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of psycho-physiological characteristics and gender stereotypes on the formation of personality and the linguistic identity of men and women.Achieving the aim of this work involves solving the following tasks: 1. To analyze the most famous gender theories and to find out their impact on women and men today. 2. To investigate the dependence of the linguistic behavior of men and women on psycho-physiological characteristics and gender stereotypes. 3. To analyze the historical formation of gender stereotypes in Ukraine and their relevance nowadays.This investigation is relevant because linguistic behavior of Ukrainian men and women has changed recently and needs the deep analysis. We have come to the conclusion that the most famous gender theories by Z.Freud, T.Parsons and V.Geodakyan still have great influence on the social roles and behavior of people and support various gender stereotypes which affect the life and linguistic behavior of men and women as well as historically formed gender stereotypes and psycho-physiological characteristics.In conclusion, it can be said that the behavior of a person, how he/she responds to the challenges of the present, his / her linguistic behavior is affected by sex, which cannot be absolutely ignored. At the same time, the way of life and behavior of a person depend on the level of attention paid to his /her sex and gender role in the society. After deep analysis of various historical epochs, it can be said that in the territory of modern Ukraine there were favorable and unfavorable periods for women. The period of prosperity of Kievan Rus and the Cossack liberation struggles contributed to the development of such qualities of Ukrainian women as independence, self-confidence, ability to defend their own opinion. At the same time, those periods in history when women were oppressed still affect their behavior and style of communication nowadays.


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