• Надія Бобух


The article researches semantically opposed lexemes as the means of contrast creation in Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi’s literature style of writing who was one of the greatest masters of narration (in the story «Clouds»). The achievement of setting objectives requires solving the following tasks: 1) to select semantically opposed lexemes in the story «Cloud»; 2) to characterize the most productive oppositions; 3) to determine semantic and stylistic functions of oppositions as the means of contrast creation in the analyzed work.The analysis carried out discovered that Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi represented Ukrainian Dashkovych and Russian Vozdvyzhenskyi as representatives of the senior generation of the intelligentsia in order to show the sharp contrast. Contrasting of characters went through the whole work. Dashkovych was handsome, civilized, prudent, clever and unselfish. Vozdvyzhenskyi was the other kind of person. He was an unattractive, untidy, despotic, uncivilized person, a bootlicker and careerist. In addition, the writer described female characters.The productivity of antonymous lexemes which characterize appearance of characters, mental condition, emotions, feelings, internal traits and character, age etc. was identified. The great artist used epithets for denomination of contrasting colors in order to create polar portrait descriptions, in particular for description of national clothes and appearance of characters.The subjective opposition earth – sky as a component of landscape description was identified in the analyzed text. In landscape descriptions there were contexts which contained a component soul besides opposition earth – sky. It helped the writer to reproduce the deepest level of the human psyche, emotional state of character, who carried over the world of his / her feelings to the nature.The analysis of the material showed that semantically opposed lexemes in Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi’s story «Clouds» were productive means for creation polar portrait descriptions of characters, underlining of contrasting actions and states, ironical attitude in the artist’s work.The perspective researches deals with examining the lexical oppositions on the material of other I. Nechui-Levytskyi’s works.


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