• Ольга Заніздра
Ключові слова: phraseology, phraseological reversal, transformation, modification, structural-functional peculiarities


The urgency of the work is to study the phraseology of the language, which is a unique phenomenon, which reflects all the peculiarities of the identity of the culture of the people and the national character. This system is in constant motion, the study of which does not lose its importance.The purpose of our scientific research is to investigate the structural and functional peculiarities of phraseologisms in the language of poetic work on the example of novels in verses by Lina Kostenko «Berestechko» (1999) and «Marusya Churai» (1979); to find out the features of transformation and modification of phraseological units.The main tasks of the work are to analyze the peculiarities of these transformations of constant turns, their expressive potential and stylistic functions in novels in verses by Lina Kostenko «Berestechko» and «Marusya Churai».So, by modifying the form of a stable turn, the author seeks to destroy the stereotypical perception of phraseology, overcome the abstraction, update and expand the microform, and give phraseologism a bright stylistic color. Thanks to the creative rethinking of phraseologisms, aimed at creating an artistic effect, Lina Kostenko strengthens their expressiveness through qualitative changes of the standing turn, which extends the boundaries of individual author’s thoughts, gives the expression of emotion, makes it more prominent.The prospect of further research in the field of transformation and modification of phraseological units is formed by the constant development of linguistic style and the emergence of new trends and methods for studying literary and artistic works. In subsequent studies, contemporary writers will be more appropriate on this topic.