• Ірина Муляр


In modern linguistic science, attention is paid to lexical-semantic processes, among which there are antonymiс relations that help to more clearly correlate lexical units within a single lexical system.The question of antonymy has been researched in various modern Ukrainian terminology systems, but the premises’ furniture names have not yet been included in the analysis from the antonymic relations’ point of view, which is due to the relevance of the proposed article. The study of the phenomenon of antonymy in the formation of furniture vocabulary has not only theoretical but also practical value, since antonymy in the furniture vocabulary contributes to its system. The contrast of the values expressed by the antonymic lexems allows exhaustively describe aspects of reality, including the domestic interior items.The aim of the article is to explore the phenomenon of antonymy in Ukrainian modern premises’ furniture names. The main task of the scientific publication is the characterization of antonyms by the type of opposition, as well as the definition of the most regular means to express the antonymic relations in the furniture vocabulary.According to accepted in modern linguistics antonyms classification by type of opposition, singled out the following types of antonyms: gradual, complementary, vector and coordinate. It was found out that the most regular mean to express the antonym relations in the premises’ furniture names is the formation of complementary antonyms-word combinations with signifying components, motivated by general-lexical antonyms. It is argued that the expression of antonymic relations in the thematic group of furniture names is noted by some specificity, which is the presence of cognate antonyms with opposite prefix values.It is proved that the antonymy in the language vocabulary contributes to its systemicity, helps to more precisely correlate lexical units within a single lexical system. The prospect of further research is the study of the processes of furniture names’ semantic word-formation.


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