• Людмила Білоконенко


The article examines the communicative tactics of refusal to respond, methods and means of its implementation. This is one of the communicative tactics that allows the individual to influence the contractor, aimed at changing his consciousness for a specific existential meaning. Tactics are ambiguous, and it can be co-operative or conflict. Even though different aspects of the manifestation of non-response are considered in the works of domestic and foreign researchers, its description in the Ukrainian language is still insufficient. The purpose of the article is to determine the peculiarities of designing tactics of a refusal of an answer in the Ukrainian language. Achieving the goal involves performing tasks: to determine the place of tactics in the system of other communication tactics, to establish its characteristic features; to describe the main ways of linguistic representation. It was established that the tactic of non-response indicated a scenario of linguistic interaction with the contact. It is conscious of the choice of the one who receives a question that is due to a communicative pragmatic plan. It has been established that tactics have two forms of expression. Direct rejection is a simple, directional reception. It is embodied in several linguistic and extra- linguistic means, which, firstly, make it impossible to answer (silence, pause, mimic and sign emblems); and secondly, to deny the whole act of asking, having formulated the reaction by the particles not, nor, no, by denominational pronouns, adverbs, adjectives with non-. An indirect refusal is a complicated act, it is a chain of decisions and speech actions of a person to evade the answer, such as: a person pretends that he does not recognize, does not hear a question; draws attention to its inappropriateness, negatively assesses the issue or contact person; gives an unclear answer and does not specify it; speaks about the complexity of the question, the lack of information or time; inquires, reassures, hints at the answer. Further study of tactics has the prospect of clarifying its manifestation in conflict communication.


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