• Галина Городиловська


The article discusses one of the interesting and important periods in the creative biography of the extraordinary linguist, Professor Y. Shevelov, which deals with his scientific activity at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich. It is noted that Y. Shevelov’s linguistic heritage during his period of German emigration remains insufficiently studied until now, which determines the relevance of the chosen topic.It is formulated the aim of the article, which involves the study and scientific analysis of scientist’s linguistic heritage within his emigration period. To fulfill the following tasks we should work out Y. Shevelov’s linguistic heritage, which was created during the period of the linguist’s stay in Germany between 1946 and 1949 (monographs, scientific articles, articles in the dictionary «Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies», reviews made during this period); analyze the scholar’s linguistic works of this periods; submit our own professional commentary on the individual linguistic works of the researcher.It is proved that being in German emigration and working as a professor at the Ukrainian Free University, Y. Shevelov left a significant linguistic works, which, without a doubt, are the Ukrainians national achievement. Among the scientist’s important linguistic works are singled out the following: «To the genesis of the nominative sentence» (1946), «Modern Ukrainian language» (1949), «Galicia in the formation of a new Ukrainian literary language» (1949), where he suggested interesting ideas, his own scientific visions, convincing evidence and facts about the history of the Ukrainian language formation and development. It is confirmed that Professor Y. Shevelov’s valuable linguistic heritage at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich is a significant contribution to the Ukrainian linguistic science development.The prospect of further scientific research can be conducted on the comprehensive study of Y. Shevelov’s linguistic heritage, which deals with his German period.


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