• Оксана Микитюк


The relevance of the article is conditioned by the need to study the semantic load of the tautologies in the texts of Dmytro Dontsov, which reveal the national-building, state-building and representative functions of the language, are important means of creating of an individual-author’s picture of the world, the basis of a high speech culture and an invaluable factor for the language knowledge of the world.Purpose of the article: to analyze the tautology in the texts of Dmytro Dontsov as an example of a high speech culture. Tasks: 1) to show the role of a tautology in creating of a national world picture; 2) to characterize the culture of the author’s speech through the prism of tautology; 3) to recreate the linguistic and historical background as the basis for understanding of the tautology in the text.Scientific and journalistic texts of Dmytro Dontsov are the witnesses of the return of the historical memory of Ukrainians. Numerous is the tautology that creates the visualizing effect of the image, serves as factors of influence on the human consciousness, is an argument for the explanation of the author’s ideology. The tautology in the texts of the thinker reproduces the basic principles of education of the ruling class, forms a generation of fighters, and helps to realize the love to one’s native.Future prospects of research are: 1) to explore the national-linguistic personality of Dmytro Dontsov on the basis of metonymy, synecdoche, and to identify the patterns of its use; 2) to show the tendency of the idioms use in various writings of the author.


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