• Ксенія Тараненко


Modern world linguistics is paying more attention to the environmental problems of speech and speech. Such an increased interest in ecolinguistic issues is associated with the rapid development of aggression and hostility of both society in general and its individual representatives.The article analyzes the concept of lingvocynicism as a kind of violation of ethics and speech norm. The study was conducted in the aspect of ecolinguistics at the junction of many humanities.The purpose of the proposed intelligence is to clarify the term «lingvocynicism», to highlight the nature of this phenomenon, as well as to analyze the functioning of lingvocynicism within the framework of journalistic, artistic, pedagogical and Internet discourses.The author’s attention is focused on the actual concept of ecological and non-ecological communication, nature and means of expression of cynicism in communication. The analysis of the functioning of lingvocynicism in the framework of journalistic, artistic, pedagogical and Internet discourses is carried out. Lingvocynicism express absolute non-ecological interpersonal interaction, establish social processes of leveling human, national or personal values. The spread of the practice of using lingvocynicism is observed most in journalistic, artistic, pedagogical and Internet discourse. Cynicism in the language can be expressed directly – the lexical meaning of a word or phrase, or indirectly-through context and a hint of an ethically inappropriate situation. The prospect of further research is a detailed analysis of the context interaction of all linguistic units that create situations of lingvocynicism.


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