• Софія Булик-Верхола
  • Юлія Теглівець
  • Олесь Теглівець


The terms semantics connotativity still remains a relevant problem at present. Many researchers consider terms to be stylistically neutral units that are deprived of the emotional, expressive and evaluative component. But there are numerous terms with components – words of the commonly used vocabulary. So, the term preserves the unmediated connection to the denoted object. Because of that one could not reject completely the fact of the connotation component existence in the semantic structure of the compound names.The purpose of this article is to find out how this component is fixed in the semantics of the compound names with the seme «water».We shall adhere to the opinion that the terms have the largest emotional-expressive potential at the initial stages of their existence.Connotation is the principle means of the evaluation sematic category implementation in the speech. The evaluative component availability in the compound names with the seme «water» is not always traced in the semantic structure of the metaphorized word combination. The subjective character of the evaluation is explained by the semantics of the component parts. The evaluation may be inherent to one component of the compound name, and it can be transferred to the entire term meaning. Thus, the possible connotation in case of terms in the compound names with the seme «water» is reduced to the minimum. The nominative function occupies the first place. It is explained by the fact that the common vocabulary words preserve only the form. So, the logical notion plays an important part in the compound name meaning.


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