• Олена Гурко


Ukrainian linguistics is actively exploring the terminology of various sciences and techniques. An important issue that needs research is the problem of antonymy in terminology. Since the modern Ukrainian terminology of graphic design is in a continuous movement, it is constantly improves and acquires new perspectives of studying, however, separate linguistic explorations devoted to the study of antonymy in the terminology of graphic design are not available yet, we consider it necessary, within our research, to find out the antonymic specifics of terms of graphic design. That is why the object of our research is the terminology of graphic design. The aim of the proposed article is to outline the structural composition of terms-antonyms of graphic design. The subject of scientific analysis is the semantic structure of the terminology of graphic design. The presence of a certain layer of terms associated with antonymic relations is typical for the vocabulary of graphic design. The terms antonyms are characterized by well-defined paradigmatic properties: the frontal opposite and differentiation on a differential feature, closely related to its main defining function. The article presents the semantic relations between the terms-antonyms of graphic design by type of contrast. The most common means of expression of antonymy in the terminology of graphic design is the formation of complementary antonyms-word combinations with signifying components, motivated by general-level antonyms. Less frequent means of exploring antonymic relations in the investigated terminology system is the use of prefixes with polar meanings or the alternation of the presence of a prefix with its absence. The prospect of further exploration is seen in the study of the semantic structure of the terminology of graphic design.


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