• Зоряна Куньч


The rules of positional alternation of vowels and consonants in the «Norms of the Ukrainian Literary Language» by O. Sinyavsky are analyzed, since this work synthesized the most grounded rules of the Ukrainian literary language, which were formulated at the beginning of the XX century. Topicality of the study is provided by the dynamics of changes of the rules of positional alternation of vowels and consonant sounds to ensure the delight of the Ukrainian language is due to the need to improve these norms.The changes that took place with regard to these rules were found in the Ukrainian spelling of 1946-th, 1960-th and 1991-st. It is stated that modern Ukrainian spelling takes into account three main position alternatives: у–в, і–й–та, з–із–зі (зо). In the work «Norms of the Ukrainian literary language» O. Sinyavsky identifies a number of means which helps to avoid the coincidence of vowels and difficult to pronounce consonants, such as: ся–сь, мо–м, ти–ть, те–ть in verbs,, іше–іш in adjectives, particles же–ж, би–б etc. Some of the described regularities the modern Ukrainian language has lost in the early XX century, even in the artistic style of the language. About some (alternation of particles же–ж, би–б, postfix сь–ся, variants of prepositions prefixes від–віді, під–піді, над–наді, etc.) we find information in the manuals of the Ukrainian language. It is noted that modern spelling provides detailed and formalized rules for the use of у–в, і–й–та, з–із–зі (зо), but, the given experience from previous generations of scholars indicates the need for a flexible approach to the application of rules for positional alternation of vowels and consonants.The new edition of Ukrainian spelling recommends to focus on the need to avoid excessive use of the preposition prefix «у» and to introduce a double rate use of «в–у» at separate positions, which can not be considered difficult to pronounce, for example, at the beginning of the sentence before the next sonoran.The perspectives of further researches are the elaboration of the means of sonority on the material of prose art.


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