• Оксана Литвин
  • Надія Голубінка


The object of our research was the scientific terms in the language of publications of the magazine «Ukrainian Week», the subject of research – the functions of terms in the journalistic text. The purpose of research is to consider terminological units in publications of political, economic, artistic content.The urgency of the article is due to the widespread use of terms in the language of journalism, since the mass media are objective extra-linguistic factors of language development and contribute to the functioning of the term outside of its system. Terms as units of industry terminology are fixed in special dictionaries and have a high degree of internal organization. Industry term system for the term is the semantic field where they are in interdependence, hitting the language media, often install a new systematic field. The proposed topic is relevant, because the term in the journalistic text is deterministic, does not perform nominally-defining, but a stylistically expressive function and requires further research and analysis.Analyzing the publications of the magazine «Ukrainian Week», we see that the terms can function both in the system and outside it. We observe the widespread use of the terms of various branches of knowledge, which, by determinologizing, are part of a commonly used vocabulary, which indicates an increase in the level of education of readers, scientific and technological development, the possibilities of modern communication. Narrow-special terms in the journalistic style are deterministic on the basis of metaphorization and metonymization.


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