• Olena Samoilenko
Keywords: borrowing, quasi-composite, affixoid, word-pattern, onomasiological model, onomasiological basis, onomasiological sign


AbstractBackground. The article is devoted to the influence of borrowed affixoids on the wordbuildingsubsystems of the target languages. Purpose. The aim of the article is to reveal the peculiarities of the influence of borrowingsfrom English on the word-building subsystem of the target languages and namely to define the roleof affixoids in productive ways of modern word-building. The aim preconditions the performing ofthe following tasks: analysis of the nature of affixoids; revealing peculiarities of borrowed affixoidsfunctioning in target languages. Methods. In the article the following methods are used: 1) for detecting the volume andmeaning of the term affixoid the method of the review of the existing literature has been used; 2) forrevealing the constituent parts of the lexical units the method of distributive has been used; 3) fordescribing the peculiarities of quasi-composites and existing word-patterns the methods ofonomasiological and formal analysis have been used. Results. If one analyses the appearance of the affixoid. -gate, it is necessary to take intoconsideration, that it is formed due to the so-called “intercalated” or “telescopic” formation ofnew words, when one word is “inserted” into another, as a result of which an unusual, occasionalformation appears. In modern Ukrainian and Russian we can reveal the development of newmeaning which is absolutely different from the primary meaning. Some people are even sure that -gate is the synonym of the word scandal. Borrowing word-forming models is another character feature of language that causes theappearance of quasi-composites. In French, for example, it is possible to observe the interestingphenomenon of borrowing not structural parts, but word-building samples. The presence of “falseEnglishisms” in the French language proves once again that very often not only separate words areborrowed, but also word-forming material. Discussion. Processes of borrowing influence the target languages in many different ways.The most common of them is direct borrowing, assimilation of concrete lexical units. But recentlythe facts of influence of the source language have become more and more common, so processes ofborrowing have an impact not only on the lexical subsystem of the target language, but also on theword-building level by assimilating productive affixes and affixoids, as well as common wordbuildingpatterns and models. The field of affixoids still requires new linguistic research, especiallyin connection with the processes of borrowing and the tendency of the modern languages tosimplification. It is very important to observe new ways of enriching vocabulary where assimilationof foreign affixoids is becoming more and more productive. The independent functioning ofaffixoids in target languages is also worth describing and analyzing.


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