Keywords: novel as text, V. Pidmohylnyi, history and modernity, author and hero, concentricity, eccentricity


Background. There is a lot of thorough research about the work of Valerian Pidmohylnyi in modern times. However, his prose texts have not been read as actually Kyiv, connected with the author's life in the historical capital of Ukraine. In this perspective, they need newer readings, his biography of the Kiev period needs clarifications, corrections and additions. The complex of historical, biographical, literary, psychological components forms a clear semantic concept, uniting his works that can be called the Kyiv text or the Kyiv novel of Valerian Pidmohylnyi. Purpose. The study aims at taking into consideration and introduction of the unfinished works of V. Pidmohylnyi into the then literary context, clarification of the Kyiv background of «Ivan Bosyi», figurative reproduction in his «great prose» through the fate of the Ukrainian man of Kyiv as a modern historical capital. Methods. The article has a source study and interpretive direction. Biographical, culturological, historical-literary, comparative methods are used. The contextual consideration is connected with the history of Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s, the literary process of that time. The critical-analytical approach emphasizes the concept of the writer's Kyiv novel. Results. The author clarified, supplemented and analysed the most important events in the life and work of V. Pidmohylnyi in the context of the literary and artistic atmosphere of Kyiv in the 1920s. The study showed that in the writer`s consciousness Kyiv was perceived as both concentric and eccentric, where memory of the past lived together with civilizational tendencies of that time. The history of the unfinished Kyiv works («Askold's Grave», the novel «Dnipro»), the original background of «Ivan Bosyi» as part of the history of Ukraine were studied. The research has revealed that the novels «City», «A Little Touch of Drama», «Untitled Novel» are interconnected. Discussion. The conducted research shows that Kyiv plays a crucial role in the creative life of V. Pidmohylnyi. Each of these works complements and emphasizes such a concept as the author's Kyiv text. Owing to the works of V. Pidmohylnyi, modern urban prose of the European level appeared in the Ukrainian literature of the 1920s. The study demonstrated a need further contextual and historical consideration, as well as new materials and details that could complement the Kyiv novel of V. Pidmohylnyi. Keywords: novel as text, V. Pidmohylnyi, history and modernity, author and hero, concentricity, eccentricity.


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