• N. Zavertaljuk Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Keywords: insurgent movement, Ukrainian literature of the 1920 – 1930s, heroic and tragic experience, Soviet Regime, Executed Renaissance


Background. At the time of the revolution and the civil war (1917 – 1920) in Ukraine, an insurgent movement seethed: partisan detachments, pro- and anti-Bolshevik insurgent republics were emerging. Real events, specific participants became an object of the literary works of writers such as Vasyl Ellan-Blakytnyі, Hryhorij Kosynka, Mykola Khvylovyі, Valerian Pidmohylnyi, Yurii Yanovskyі. Because of this situation, the theme of the rebellion of the Executed Renaissance in the Ukrainian literature, conceptualized on the different levels of its artistic representation, has not yet been an object of the systematic study. Purpose – to outline the specificity of the artistic embodiment of the insurgency in the Ukrainian literature of the Executed Renaissance. Methods is based on the combination of system analysis with elements of receptive, textological approaches to text interpretation. Results. The theme of the uprising found an artistic incarnation in different genres of Ukrainian literature of the 1920 –  1930s: the heroic of peasants’ and workers’ revolts is made up in the lyrics of P. Tychyna, V. Ellan-Blakytny; dramaturgical and epic works of Yu. Yanovskyі, M. Khvylovyі, V. Pidmohylnyi, H. Kosynka in a broad ideological and thematic range depict the world of the rebellion. The novels of H  Kosynka («Ten», «On golden gods») poeticize the peasants’ insurgent nature, that struggle against both white and red forces for a right to freely live on their own land, while in the short stories of V. Pidmohylnyi, especially «The Haydamaka», the insurgent power is spontaneous and unconscious. A liberation anarchy of N. Makhno in the story «The Third Revolution» by V. Pidmohylnyi depicted in the conceptual dimension of evil, death, manifests itself as a brutal dictatorship. Not forgotten the consequences of the insurgent past and those who later became committed communists, as anarch from a novel «Sanatorium area» by M. Khvylovyi. A balance between the Bolshevik and national ideals determines the power field of the novel «The Four Swords» by Yu.Yanovskyі, in particular the storyline of the heroic struggle of the rebel troops against the army of interventors. Discussion. The world of insurrection gave rise to the artistically original works that revealed the truth of the heroic and tragic struggle of Ukrainians for their freedom, which at times acquired signs of the national tragedy. Despite attempts of the Soviet authorities to erase these pages from Ukrainian history and literature, they have survived in artistic texts that have returned from oblivion.


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Zavertaljuk, N. (2021). THE WORLD OF REBELLION IN ARTISTIC CONCEPT IN UKRAINIAN LITERATURE OF THE 1920 1930s. Journal “Ukrainian sense”, 1(1), 40-58.