Keywords: social advertising, animation, design, color, youth, music, slogan


Abstract Background. Social advertising, which is a non-commercial form of advertising, covers a wide range of important problematic issues of society, in particular, the formation of a worldview and positively directed behavior of young people. Given the change in modern communication methods, there is a need to introduce multimedia technologies that will provide social advertising with consumer appeal and efficiency in fulfilling its educational mission among the younger generation of Ukrainians. Purpose of the research is to determine the main means of influence of social advertising on the formation of the youth worldview. Methods. To differentiate the indicators of the impact of social advertising on the worldview of young people the methodology of artistic and stylistic analysis is applied. Results. The creation of social advertising should be based on the main factors that directly affect a specific audience. In social advertising, the main components such as cognitive, emotional, communicative and motivational are necessarily present and interconnected. Today, social advertising has different methods and forms of presenting information on various media. The information is best perceived by the consumer when multisensory technologies are involved. The most popular type of social advertising among young people is animated advertising, which explains complex concepts and ideas with its artistic and stylistic features and technological conveniences, such as mobility and availability in social networks. Color is very important in the development of a commercial. Certain slogans-mottos, which are easy to remember, add to the effectiveness of advertising as they are actively used by young people. In order to create effective social advertising, you must first take into account the information perception peculiarities of this category of recipients. The next important step is to develop a quality visual graphic design and message. The text should not only inform and motivate, but also induce a certain action. Discussion. Self-identification of the younger generation as citizens and the formation of humanistic values are some of the core priority topics of social advertising in Ukraine. To get the most effective result, it is advisable to use modern mobile tools and multimedia technologies The main means of influencing social advertising on the formation of the worldview of young people is a set of visual and verbal material: accurate language code (slogan, well-thought-out text block), appropriate visual images and color, as well as high-quality technical implementation (animation, video and audio materials, etc.). Prospects for further research of social advertising are aimed at forming a positive worldview and behavior in young people.


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