Keywords: furniture vocabulary, furniture accessories, mattresses, thematic group, terminology


Abstract Background. Modern lexicographic sources, advertising brochures of furniture manufacturers, Internet resources record new names of furniture, furniture accessories etc. Lexical innovations in the field of furniture are related to the need to nominate high-tech production. This thematic group was not the subject of linguistic studies, it was not considered in the aspect of standardization as a separate terminology system. The proposed article is designed to fill these gaps in the study of the names of mattresses as one of the types of furniture accessories. Purpose. The purpose of the article is to identify the most completely the nominations of furniture accessories; identify the main thematic groups of names of mattresses in the modern Ukrainian language; find out their semantics and structure; provide practical recommendations for standardizing the nomination of mattresses as part of furniture accessories. Methods. General scientific methods were used for the analysis, in particular the method of direct observation; descriptive-analytical method, which is used for complex study and description of vocabulary for mattresses; methods of classification and generalization; philological methods: methods of interpretation and comparative analysis of language material; structural and semantic analysis. Results. As a result of revealing the semantic relations between the words included in the lexical-thematic group of names of furniture accessories, the following subgroups are determined in its composition, due to the connections of material reality: names of mattresses, names of mattress parts, names of materials for mattresses, names of mattresses’s pads. The names of modern mattresses by functional purpose are represented by the lexical-semantic paradigm: orthopedic mattresses and children's mattresses. Modern orthopedic mattresses have a complex innovative structure, to denote it a system of multi-word names is used, which are structurally correlated with two- and three-component phrases, sometimes with alphanumerical designations: spring block, medizone block, medizone X1200 block, medizone block R2200, spa place R2200, spa place R2200, spa place zonal mattress, enhanced support area, central area, etc. The lexical-semantic subgroup of names of materials for making mattresses includes: foam, latex, latexed coconut, latexed sisal coir, thermal felt, stretch fabric, etc. Among the names of mattress pads, there are three subgroups that combine the names of protective mattress pads, the names of mattress pads that are modified, and children's mattress pads. Their nomination is based on various features, including functional and technological. Discussion. Linguistic analysis of the names of furniture accessories with the use of logical-subject classification made it possible to identify several lexical-thematic paradigms, which indicates the systematic organization of the analyzed thematic group. The semantics of the names of mattresses is defined, also it’s defined for the matresses parts, materials for the manufacture of mattresses and mattress pads, which reflects the paradigmatic (genus-species) relations between the components of the thematic group. English words with alphanumeric indicators are widely used for nomination of mattresses in the professional literature. Such names are interpreted as a shortcoming of the thematic group that needs further standardization. Research materials can be used to generate terminological dictionaries of furniture vocabulary.


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