Focus and Scope


Scholarly journal «Ukrainian sense / Український смисл» covers a variety of topical issues of different fields of philology taking into consideration modern methods of scientific research. The journal aims to provide an open forum for the dissemination of findings from recent research in the field of Ukrainian and foreign philology, to promote the achievements in the Ukrainian language and literature studies both in Ukraine and beyond its boundaries, and make a significant contribution to the development of the world humanistic sciences.   



  • Lexical and grammar aspect of a language.
  • Cognitive and communicative-pragmatic aspects of linguistics.
  • Linguistic of a text. Language of modern mass media and the Internet.
  • Translation studies and linguo-didactics: theory and practice.
  • Idiostyle of a writer and poetics of a text.
  • Interpretation and reception of literary texts.
  • Aesthetics of literature and literary works.
  • Ukrainian literature in the context of the world literature.
  • Methods of teaching disciplines related to linguistics and literature studies.